Monday, January 9, 2017


Hello everyone! 

Wow it has been a CRAZY week! First we had tausch Tuesday and Wednesday with the Burgdorf sisters. I got to tausch with Sister Mickelsen, my MTC companion, and holy cow it was the best tausch ever! I missed working with her! She's a bomb missionary, and we just talked each other's ears off the whole time!  We also found two potentials, and had a couple of appointments with some old ladies, and that was super fun :) 

Thursday and Friday we went to Munich for MLC!  I've missed Germany so much!  This was probably one of the best MLC's I've been to. I came out of it just so inspired to change and be a better missionary, and companion, and person in general. I've made lots of new goals for myself for this New Year, and I'm excited to work my butt off for the last couple months of my mission!

Random highlights of the week:
1. I tried Finnish food for the first time—fish soup! It was delicious.
2. We found three new families that we are going to start teaching this week!
3. We got to ride a boat across the Bodensee on the way home from MLC.

4. It finally snowed!! Snow in Switzerland is seriously MAGICAL. And it finally feels like Christmas. Oh wait, too late!
5. On Saturday night Sister Multamäki and I were tired of walking on our way home, so we stopped to make some snow angels in a parking lot :)

6. Sister Mickelsen inspired me to learn how to brush my teeth with two toothbrushes. Much more efficient!

Well, today for pday we went sledding in Biel, so I'm exhausted! 

And the whole week has just been running around like crazy people, but we have seen SO many miracles it's crazy.  And I have a feeling that this week we will see even more!  I feel like I have finally gotten out of the way, and I am letting Heavenly Father teach me and mold me into what He wants me to be, not what I want for myself!  And it's so much better that way!  I have really learned a ton this week about the Holy Ghost, and how that is really the most precious gift in my life!  And, once again, when you give Heavenly Father a little, He gives you a Gurke!! 

Love you all!! Have a wonderful week!

Liebe Grüße,
Sister Thunell

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