Saturday, January 21, 2017

Kids Using Tools

I had the world's dumbest photo assignment for my CSM calling this least that's what I initially thought when they gave it to me.  (...and I'm totally gonna be struck by lightning for saying that, I'm sure.)

Kids Using Tools

Seriously, don't you think that's dumb?  First of all, I hate taking pictures of people.  And second, how in the heck am I supposed to stage a photo shoot of a toddler using a table saw?  

That's where my head was for the first few days of the week.  Grumpy.  Frustrated.  Uninspired.  And procrastinate-y. And then a seres of unexpected events and fantastic timing all conspired into what was perhaps the best-staged photo shoot I've ever actually done...and I didn't even have to leave my home!  
  • Yesterday, the second of my two new barstools finally came in after a handful of shipping delays.  
  • This morning, McKay finished all of his Saturday jobs in record time, rearranged his bedroom furniture, vacuumed the whole house, and then happened to be wandering around moping about how bored he was because it was raining.  
  • He likes putting stuff together, especially when drills are required.
  • The rain stopped and the sun was pouring in my bedroom windows.
After all that, the obvious thing to do was to have him put together that barstool while I inconspicuously took pictures of him in that amazing light!  

First, he just needed some good background I let him borrow my phone.  How to Train Your Dragon but the Michigan Pops, because what else would you listen to if you were  putting furniture together?  

In less than an hour, he transformed that box of random pieces and parts into this...

Sheesh...I love that kid so much!  He's the most industrious teenager I've ever met.  

And without even knowing it, McKay helped me not only complete that dumb photo assignment, but actually love it.

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