Friday, August 26, 2016

Updates for the Week

So...this hasn't exactly been the week I had planned.  (Who even gets a cold in August?...that's so lame.)

I'm supposed to be driving to Louisiana right now to take pictures of the flood clean up...except I'm still feeling super crappy so I cancelled that trip.  I'm not sure cold meds and DDP are a good combination, and another 6 hour drive right after that marathon road trip we just came off of didn't sound all that exciting...

OK, back to the week...

12 loads of vacation laundry and four hours of grocery shopping with Emma to restock this house after being on vacation for 10 days.  
Ward Temple Night and youth baptisms at 6:00pm.  Oh, I could have thought of ten million reasons not to go.  But we went.  And it was amazing and there were the usual blessings of clarity and peace because we were there...until I got lost coming home. 

First day of school for all three kids, and first day of seminary for the girls.  They loved it!  All of them.  They made friends.  They found their classes and their lockers.  And when McKay's band director saw him, he said, "Oh, you're the legend."  We have no idea what he's heard or who he heard it from, but after two days of school and without playing a single note, McKay is 2nd chair in Honors Band.  

Emma now has a parking permit at the HS and will be alternating driving to and from school with another seminary kid in our neighborhood.  (Megan still does not have her drivers license.)

And about halfway through her day, Emma texted this...
The kids were all a little nervous about their summer reading that still wasn't done, and even though they had a sufficient amount of time to do it, their teachers all just assumed they would need more since they're new to the district.  Megan and Emma each have an extra week to finish reading, and McKay has a whole month!  Holy cow...!

And the magic of Amazon delivered all those books to our door on Wednesday afternoon so now we can return all the overdue ones to the library!  

My stove has not been working since before we left for Texas, but since we were going to be out of town, we scheduled the repair guy for this week.  Unfortunately, he didn't show up and the missionaries come to our house for dinner on Thursday nights.   So I improvised and copied my sweet friend, Stephanie's, crock pot pulled pork recipe that she made for us while we were staying with them last weekend.  While dinner made itself, I slept the ENTIRE day and woke up just in time to take a quick shower and try to be presentable before the sisters came.  They loved dinner and they said I looked beautiful.  I'm not sure what I loved more yesterday, the sisters, my crockpot or Stephanie King.  

Megan is sick now, too, so she stayed home from school today.  We both just hung out in my bed and watched Netflix all day...and The Food Network, which just made her hungry.  Apparently cold meds don't affect Megan's appetite at all.  
And then at 3:00 this afternoon, Craig texted saying that the sister missionaries had been emergency evacuated out of their apartment because of unsafe fumes from moth balls in another apartment, and needed someplace to stay.  
um...this bedroom has been just sitting downstairs unused...of course we invited them to stay here.  They waited for a few hours to get official approval from SLC because we have a teenage boy living in our house, but eventually got the phone call, and tonight at 7:30pm two exhausted missionaries pulled into our driveway with all their worldly possessions stuffed into their tiny car.  
They've had SUCH a challenging week...and it's Sister Brown's last transfer.  She leaves to go home on September 6th!  We're not sure how long they're staying with us, but I'm so happy to have these cute girls in our home for as long as we get to keep them.  Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow so I can hug them.  Tonight, we just fed them ice cream.  

This week definitely did not look like what I envisioned in my head, but there were a ton of tiny miracles and blessings despite the fact that I've been in bed for three whole days.  And I'm so grateful for that temple trip on Tuesday and for these two amazing girls that are currently filling our home with the Spirit!  


  1. You are one of the most inspiring people ever!
    I mean... How?
    How do you do all this?
    And in such a positive, selfless way?
    So happy all your loves are doing well at school...
    And hope you are all on the mend soon.
    Those young ladies are blessed to be part of your family for awhile. : )
    Hugs, my happy friend.

    1. Oh, I'm not really all that positive or selfless. I think all that beauty you see is mostly in the eye of the beholder. I cry and complain and overreact and panic a LOT, but then I pull it together long enough to write a blog post that makes me sound rational. :)
      And I feel TONS better today. Thanks so much for your always-kind words. Love you! <3