Saturday, August 6, 2016

Primary Temple Day

The Primary President asked me a couple of weeks ago to come to the Primary Temple activity and take pictures of the kids.  It's been a long, long week, and I knew the Temple was probably a good place for me to be on a Saturday morning, but honestly I was more stressed out about this photo shoot than excited about the opportunity.

Parents who are bringing their children to the Temple, knowing that there will be a "photographer" there, have expectations.  And I am SO not living up to anyone's expectations lately, especially not in the photography department.  

Even though I was not overly excited about this day, my cute little back up photographer was thrilled about it and had been counting the days until Saturday.  So Megan and I woke up early and drove the 45 minutes to the Temple.  (Oh, I'm going to need to work hard to figure out this temple schedule because it is neither convenient nor easily accessible here.)

Here's what I learned after this experience:

1.  Always go to the Temple.  There's never a good reason to turn down an opportunity to be there.  Go even if it's not convenient, or you're grumpy, or you don't think you want to.  Just go! 

2.  The best cure for a long, emotionally turbulent week = two or three hours taking pictures of children on the temple grounds.

3.  Don't bother putting on make up or eyelashes when you're doing a photo shoot in the 96 degree/110% humidity of The Deep South.  The kids won't care and the parents won't be looking at you because they'll be paying attention to their kids.  Just skip the part where you shower and try to be beautiful and throw your hair in a pony, put on a skirt, and get in the car.  

4.  My assistant photographer is WAY better than me, and I need to start assisting her!  Holy crap, look at these amazing shots Megan got...

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