Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Letters from Home

When I emailed Savannah yesterday she sounded a little down.  She said she doesn't typically have bad days, just occasional bad hours, which is amazing for the girl who used to call me from BYU wanting to just camp out in her dorm room for the week and not go to class and lock all of her roommates out!  t think the change in weather, and the change in companions, and being out for 6 months has made her a little more homesick than usual this week.  

I asked her what we could do to help, and she said:
1.  More emails from the whole family...like, um MY SISTERS! 
2.  Not so many updates on wedding and baby announcements from home, please.  I kinda don't want to know about that stuff right now.  It makes me feel like I should be at home planning a wedding or a baby, or something instead of tromping around Austria.  
3.  Pop Tarts
4.  More actual letters
Guess what!  I already had a box of random stuff ready to send right on the dining room table right that very minute, and it actually had Pop Tarts in it, even before she said that, and even before the little hint in that last email.  But it didn't have actual letters in it...well, except for the one from me.  

So for FHE (family home evening) last night, I dragged out my box of cards and stickers and pens and we all wrote letters to Savannah.  Craig even wore his BYU Dad shirt and didn't complain one time about it.  

That box of cards has all of the home made cards that I used to make when I was crafty and did stuff like that, and stuffed in between them, I found this little treasure...

Holy cow, those backwards S's and those goofy little stick people she always drew with the arms coming out of their heads...I can remember those like they happened yesterday!  I might have cried just a tiny bit thinking that when she drew that little picture 100 years ago, who would have ever thought we'd all be sitting around a table in Dallas writing letters to her in Austria?!  My limited perspective now can't even handle the things I know for sure are coming; there is no way I could have handled that thought when I was barely 30!  It's probably a good thing we can only see a few feet into the future.  

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