Thursday, July 14, 2011

Salt Lake City

During the time we lived in Mendon, I don't remember ever taking the opportunity to really see SLC.  Every time we traveled south, we had a very specific purpose or event that we were headed to, and we never managed to fit in any sight-seeing time.  Isn't that crazy how you miss the things that are right under your nose?  This weekend, we had planned to visit some of our SLC family, and we had a few hours to spend downtown just wandering and being tourists.  The kids are old enough now to really appreciate and enjoy some of the beautiful architecture and Church History. 
Joseph Smith Memorial Building

 Temple Square
 "ooohhh, I just LOVE you SOOOO much!!!"


 Salt Lake Tabernacle

Church History Museum
I LOVED the quilt exhibit
and the girls loved making their own quilt squares on the giant white board.

 TCD found a cute furry friend in Lehi's tent.

 This Angel Moroni actually stood on top of a chapel in Washington DC.  He's about 24" shorter than the one on the SLC Temple.

 Conference Center
 view from the roof of the Conference Center

We had an absolutely fantastic day and everyone LOVED seeing SLC close up instead of just from the freeway. 


  1. So fun! Ben and I just decided a couple weeks ago to take a road trip in August and SLC is included. We have both never been to Utah and I've never been further west than CO! We will be going to CO for a few days, SLC for a few and then down to Vegas for a couple days! I'm so excited to see Temple Square in person!

  2. Oh Amie! What a fun trip to look forward to. You will LOVE it! We'll have to connect after you get back so you can tell me all about it!