Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Shortly after we arrived in Utah on Sunday night, my friend Lauri texted, "Do you want to go to an Aquacise class with me on Tuesday?"  I decided before we left on this extended vacation that my motto was going to be "Say YES to Everything!"  So, I immediately texted her back and said, "YES!  What's Aquacise?"

After an hour of "Aquacis-ing" this morning, I now know what it is and I've officially added it to the list of Stuff I Love.   Aquacise is like aerobics in the WATER!  I don't always LOVE exercise, but when you combine it with WATER (which I DO LOVE) it's totally fun!  

Lauri picked me up at 7:45 and we met three other friends at the Logan Aquatic Center for the 8:00am class.   We jogged in the water, used noodles and foamy "hand weights," and had an amazing workout!  

You're probably picturing this:

but we totally felt like THIS (only with much more modest bathing suits!):

The hour went by so quickly I was surprised and slightly disappointed when it was over.  And it was such a great workout that even right now, several hours LATER, my arms and legs still feel a little like jello.  Since it was so much fun, I convinced all of them to go back again tomorrow instead of waiting until Thursday...and TCD is coming, too. 

I LOVE happy surprises...especially the ones that burn tons of calories!

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