Monday, July 11, 2011

Kotter's Swing

We had a few extra girls with us today...last night we swapped cousins in SLC.  Mack stayed there with his cousin, Ethan, and my niece, Grace, came back to Mendon with us.  It was a girl party for sure!  Barbies, Taylor Swift, lots of late night giggling.  Poor Grandpa was heavily outnumbered!

This morning, we decided to pick up June's BFF, Payton, and go to a movie.  (Rio...LOVED it!)  And then we ran a few errands for Grandma and drove back to Mendon to take some pictures.  Somehow we ended up at Kotter's Swing.  I'm not sure how I missed this when we lived here, but it's stunningly beautiful and SO much fun.  I love those Kotters for making this place gorgeous and accessible.  

This is the view from the clearing just before the swing... 

There were a handful of other girls already there swinging, so we just jumped right in with them!

Everyone was adventurous and cooperative and encouraging, and we spent an hour thoroughly enjoying a beautiful afternoon in Mendon.

And then sometime between round two and three for everyone, one of the girls suggested that I TRY IT!  That was absolutely out of the question.  I don't love heights.  I don't love speed.  I know my limitations.   I said no several times before Spell Girl finally said, "She's not going to do it.  She's kind of a chicken about stuff like this."  

Um...a chicken??  ...really???  

She's right.  I am totally and completely a self-proclaimed chicken.  But the thought that went through my head at that moment was my motto for this trip, "Say YES to everything!"  And you can't do that if you're a chicken.  So, I decided not to be a chicken this time...

(thanks June, for taking over the camera so I could be adventurous...)

It was more fun than scary.  The rope didn't break.  I didn't fall to my death in the 4 inches of raging water in the little creek beneath me.  And the high fives and cheers I got from all those little girls after I made it safely off the swing were TOTALY worth it!!  

I love Dallas, but I'm pretty sure there's no possible way to duplicate this place or this feeling anywhere but in Mendon!



  1. Awesome! I was hoping that the post would end with YOU on the swing! Way to say YES! :)

  2. Just don't forget where saying "yes" to everything gets you ;)

    I seem to remember a little lesson on being able to say "NO" in a BIG forum a few years ago LOL

  3. By the way I am way proud of you for saying yes and getting on that swing

  4. "Adventurous YES" is a totally different thing than "doormat YES" but I promise to be carefully adventurous. :)

  5. Way to go! I love all the pictures of you and the girls. Nothing like conquering those little fears!