Saturday, July 2, 2011

Road Trips

I LOVE Road Trips!  We've gone on A LOT of them over the years, but I think this one has been the BEST by far!  Here's why:
  • We left on time.
  • Everything miraculously fit into the van...two sets of golf clubs, one float boat, camping stuff, fishing stuff, Girls' Camp stuff, 7 large duffel bags (one that is filled with JUST my shoes), swimming stuff, snacks, a case of water bottles, a camera bag, blankets, pillows.  (One of the Scoutmaster's many amazing talents is the ability to make TONS of stuff fit into very small spaces.) 
  • We made it to our destination faster than we expected.
  • There was NO fighting. NO yelling.  NO whining.  Everyone in the van was totally delightful for 12 whole hours! 

  • Awesome music!!  I have essentially the same 800 songs on my MP3 that I've had since November, but there's something about listening to music for hours and hours and hours while you're driving on an endless stretch of road that makes them sound even better.
  • We drove a different route this time than we have on past trips to Utah.  And it turns out Nebraska is beautiful! 
  • We made it to the hotel in time to have a great dinner, take showers and get in bed at a decent hour, so that we can start LEG #2 tomorrow.  
  • And guess what!  Tomorrow's drive is 90 miles less than today's.  


      Did you know that the World's Largest Porch Swing lives in Hebron, NE?  We had to make a tiny little detour to see it.  I thought it was kind of funny that it's not even on a porch!

     Aren't we such dorks!?  See what happens when you combine very little sleep, an entire day spent in jammies with no make up, and 12 hours crammed in a van??

     Turquoise toes!!

     We all thought this little street looked so much like Wellsville, UT
    Look at this cute little house all decked out for the 4th of July!
     There is a lot of corn in Nebraska!

     This was a really cool arch that crosses over the interstate in North Platte, NE
     more corn...

    I'm grateful for happy surprises, uneventful days, beautiful scenery, a family that LOVES to sing, and the chance to get up and do it all over again tomorrow.   The best part about today, though, is that we're halfway to our destination.  Because even though I LOVE road trips, I REALLY LOVE getting there.


    1. Love it! Toes are beautiful, fam is cute, description is great - keep the vacay posts coming so I can vacation vicariously!!!

    2. I am so excited to see all of you. It's hard to believe I was just there six weeks ago...time sure does fly....glad to hear you have had a safe trip so far.

    3. I just stumbled across your blog tonight and wanted to say hello! It's super cute here!

      And that looks like a really fun road trip. I'm getting ready to head to Utah from California in a few weeks and I need to have a serious conversation with my iPod about playing a good mix.