Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I LOVE when people come to visit.  

It's a great excuse to clean places that might be overlooked in a normal week.  
I don't currently have one of these, but I might need to GET one!

It's a great way to discover new places to eat...
This is TOTALLY my new favorite place to eat!!

and fun things to do around town...
Allen Americans Hockey Playoffs (I jumped every time one of those guys went flying into the plexiglass!)
Canton, TX

And it's a great way to connect with people you love.

My friend, Laura, came to visit from Mendon for the weekend.  She is delightful and hilariously funny.  She's one of those people who I know I can count on no matter what.  The "shovel ready" kind of friend.  "These are the people that, when you call them up at 3:00 AM and tell them you have a dead body in the trunk of your car, their first (and only response) is, “I’ll grab my shovel.” (Shamelessly stolen from Grab A Shovel.)  Laura is that kind of friend.  Fortunately, no shovels were involved in any of our activities this weekend, but it's nice to know she's on the list of people who would have one ready if I ever needed it.  There are a handful of other people on that list...and you already know who you are!  

Laura and I had so much fun hanging out and playing.  We went to a hockey game.  We walked around a giant flea market for hours.  We tried new places to eat.   We hung out with the kids and listened to LIVE MUSIC.  It was awesome to know that she was relaxing away from home for a few days and that it was MY HOUSE she chose to do that in!  

I totally look forward to the next round of visitors who happen to be flying into the Dallas area and need a place to hang out and relax for awhile.  
Don't let the "dead body in the trunk" thing scare you off.  That rarely happens.  :)



  1. I won't tell where the bodies are in GA if you won't ;)

  2. whew! glad to know my secrets are safe with you. :)

  3. Thanks for the awesome visit. I had a blast! The kids (mainly Grace) were excited to have me home. I came home more relaxed and ready to go back to my crazy schedule...even after missing my plane and all the airport crap. I miss you all. And Craig makes the best burgers. Thanks for all the chats..it really helped but everything in perspective. I luv ya!!!!!

  4. BTW...I forgot to tell ya....I did bring that shovel...but the security dudes thought it was a little to suspicious and took it from me...DANG! Like we needed it this time anyway. Maybe I can get away with a plastic one next time..LOL!