Thursday, May 5, 2011

Coming out of the FUNK

I can think of only a handful of things that would keep me from my daily posting on this, visitors, illness, unexpectedly crazy schedules and FUNKS! 
I have been in some kind of serious "funk" this week.  Over the past 40 years ('s 41 now), I've come to recognize the obvious signs...

Yesterday, I sat right here looking at a blank blog screen for an hour.  Then I left it alone and came back last night and stared at the same blank blog screen and thought, "Well, after 6 months apparently I've run out of things that I love.  Guess my blogging days are over."  (stupor of thought/jumping to conclusions...signs #1 and #2)

On Monday, I tried for hours to get my hair to do something...anything...but it was completely hopeless.  There was a piece of hair that seemed too long, and I felt confident that if I just trimmed that one piece, all of my hair challenges would be over.  I was trying to be proactive...frugal...and resourceful.  I've watched a million people cut my hair a million times.  I know how to use a pair of scissors.  How hard could it be?  Unfortunately, no amount of scrapbooking experience qualifies anyone to cut HAIR...especially THEIR OWN.   (Rash Behavior...sign #3)

I have eaten more chocolate chips this week than I have all year (Giving in to Unhealthy Cravings...sign #4) 

Even after 7 hours of sleep, I still felt like I had been run over by a truck this morning.  (Fatigue...Sign #5)  I was late getting everyone where they needed to be.  (Lack of Vitality...Sign #6)  Nothing fit. (Discouragement...Sign #7)  

And when I walked into my closet, I found that my Vision Board had fallen off the wall and was in a large heap on the floor.  ugh!  (I took that as a sign that I probably should'nt have gotten out of bed at all.)  (Hopelessness...Sign #8)

But I decided to plow through it!  I was not going to let myself give in to the FUNK for one more day!  The heap of visions on my floor didn't mean that I have stupid goals that are never going to be realized.  It just meant that I used crappy tape.  So instead of throwing all of my dreams into the trash like I would normally do in this state (Rash Behavior...Sign #3), this time, I used better tape and secured the thing to the least until the next wave of humidity hits and it falls off again.  (Cynicism...Sign #9)

I left the house in something that (sort of) fit and went out for my regularly scheduled walk, determined to exercise my way into a better attitude.  It's a gorgeous day.  I listened to great music.  I felt good that I had at least managed to get Mother's Day cards in the mail on time.  I was sure my funk was on it's way out.  And I had a rescue hair appointment scheduled for 9:30am, so even if it didn't go away, at least the mess I created with my hair would be fixed. 

Unfortunately, the hair rescue turned into 6 inches of MY hair on HER floor!!!  (That's 6 inches more than I had planned for her to cut off!!)  Does she know how long it's taken me to grow it out this long?  Does she know that I'm going to be in Utah in less than two months and I'd like people to recognize me??  (Panic...Sign #11)  I only cut one tiny little strand of hair (ok it didn't look like that from the back, but that's all I intended to cut.)  (Justification...Sign #12)  I spent the morning crying (Crying...Sign #14) and complaining to my husband that now that all prior evidence of my femininity had been completely eliminated from my appearance (Propensity Toward Exaggeration...Sign #15) at least I wouldn't have to bother wearing make up or putting on high heels any more which would save him so much money! (Sarcasm...Sign #...what are we on now???)
That was it!...I had reached the end of my rope.  I could feel the very last straw teetering on top of the haystack ready to crush the poor, grumpy, hairless camel underneath it. some miracle, the camel is still in one piece and appears to be coming out of the mist of darkness.  (that's me...the camel)  So after a three-day FUNK, here's what I'm going to do...

I'm going to listen to great music.
I'm going to go to sleep at a decent hour.
I'm going to get up tomorrow and try to turn my unexpectedly short hair into something sassy and stylish.
I'm not eating anymore chocolate chips this week.
I'm going to a see a hilariously funny (hopefully) movie tomorrow night with a friend.

And I'm going to be grateful that the Signs of HOPE and JOY and LOVE always outnumber the signs of FUNK. 

Be Good.  Be Patient.  Don't Forget. 

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