Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cherry Limeades, Ice, Maraschino Cherries...and Resisting Temptation

When I gave up Diet Dr. Pepper last November, I mostly replaced it with water, but sometimes I just feel like something with BUBBLES!  So, my occasional alternative became Sonic Cherry Limeades...they're not quite the same "deliciousness" as my beloved Diet DP, but they're bubbly and sometimes that's all I need. 

Since November, I've become really good at ordering water at a restaurant.  And I've always been really good at only drinking water at home.  But there's this ridiculously convenient Sonic right on the way home from TCD's school, and we have gotten into such a crazy habit of stopping during Happy Hour for Cherry Limeades...not everyday, but a couple of times a week, for sure.  I justified it for several months because there's no caffeine in it and no artificial sweetener, and because I always order the MEDIUM with EXTRA ICE.  Because after all, it's the ice that I really love, and because the amount of actual DRINK in a MEDIUM cup filled mostly with ICE is equivalent to a SMALL.     

But even though there's no caffeine and no artificial sweetener in Cherry Limeade, it's still not that great for me.  And according to my favorite vegan guide, "soda is liquid Satan!"  So, at the beginning of May, I gave up yet another thing...at least for a couple of months.  No more Cherry Limeades...no more drinks with bubbles...just water!

But today, I was totally craving ice...(apparently 10 days is always my breaking point)...and not just plain old ice, but the Cherry Limeade-flavored kind from Sonic.  

Insert tribute to SONIC ICE here...
I LOVE LOVE LOVE ice.  And of all the ice I LOVE, Sonic has the best, by far...so does Taco Time in Logan, but that's way too far away.  It's the tiny little ice that chews without much effort.  It doesn't hurt your teeth.  And it's fantastically satisfying!

TCD and I drove into Sonic.  I considered ordering just a cup with ice, but I always feel bad making those guys skate ALL the way out to my van just to bring me a 25 cent cup of ice.  So I ordered a MEDIUM Cherry Limeade with EXTRA EXTRA ICE...like fill the cup to the top with ICE and then pour in whatever drink will fit in the leftover space.  When the cute skater guy came out, I was guilt-free.  And then I was even more guilt-free when I came home and poured the Cherry Limeade into a cup and gave it to Spell Girl and June to share.  
Hooray for me!  I had a temptation right in my hand and I didn't give in!  

And the BONUS...the half frozen maraschino cherry that always ends up at the bottom of the cup.  I know there are people who don't love these, but I totally do!  They're like the best treat reminiscent of my childhood EVER...and only 10 calories!  

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