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Tuesday we had back to back eating appointments, and I think I gained like 12 pounds. But it was a great day! We were a little late getting out of the house, so we prayed that the exact bus we needed would come to our stop, and literally right as we walked up, it came!!  Then we prayed that our bahn would come on time, and again right as we walked up to the stop, it came!  It was so cool :) 

Wednesday morning I prayed to be able to see the hand of God in my life more, and just you listen to what happened.  We didn't have much planned, so we went finding for a while but no one was really home.  So we just rang one more bell and then we were gonna leave, but a lady let us in!  And she took a Book of Mormon and a pass along card!  So that was really awesome :)  She said she wasn't interested in taking lessons at the moment, but there is now a Book of Mormon in her house, and that's basically like the good version of the ring in Lord of the Rings. You can't just let it sit there without it PULLING you to read it and do something good.  Then we just really wanted to go home cuz it was freezing, but our bahn wasn't coming for a while so we just decided to walk to the next stop. Along the way there was a random apartment complex so we went to door it, cuz why not, and again no one was home!  So right as we were turning to leave, a lady opened her door!  We told her we were sharing a message about the Plan of Salvation and she said she had no time and was about to close the door, but I was like WAIT!  And basically shoved the pamphlet in her hand.  I told her she could just have it anyway, and then she started asking questions about what it was and about our church and told us her life story pretty much!  We taught her like the whole first lesson on her doorstep!!  #MIRACLE

Then later this random phone number texted us with a generic message about Happy Easter or something, and Sister Fast was like, "Oh, that's just a telemarketer or something! Usually we just delete those," but instead I decided to text back and invite them to stake conference on Sunday!  AND THEN FIVE MINUTES LATER THEY REPLIED, "Oh wow I would love to come to your church! The last time I came was in September of 2015 and I miss it!"  Holy cow! Heavenly Father is seriously looking out for ALL of His children. What a miracle, seriously! Then we went to a member's house to visit with her, and as we were there the Elders in a different area texted us with a referral they found for us! 


Heavenly Father loves us and knows us SO personally, it's incomprehensible really. 

Friday, we had mission tour in Salzburg!!  Best day ever, literally.  We woke up at 3:45am and caught the train at 5:45 and then started the 5 hour ride to Salzburg!  We had all the elders with us, so it definitely wasn't boring! The view out the window wasn't bad either ;)  Mission tour is when a member of the Quorum of the Seventy comes to talk and train us, and the Kohler's train us, too!  It was so great.  Elder Piltz and his wife trained us, and they're super awesome, and the Kohler's are obviously awesome too!  It was the entire Wien Zone and all of Salzburg Zone, so it was fun to see a ton of my missionary friends from the MTC and from back when I was in Wien!

We all ate lunch together, and then after the main conference, the Sister Training Leaders and Zone Leaders for both zones had a special Leadership Training Meeting with the Kohler's and the Piltz's, which was just so spiritual and so awesome :)  It's cool to be able to work closer with the Kohler's!  And to get to go to the VIP meeting with a member of the Seventy :)  

After all our meetings we took a SPEEDY detour and toured a little bit of Salzburg, and then RAN as fast as our little legs would take us so we wouldn't miss our train back home. Salzburg is seriously gorgeous!  Can't get over this beautiful area that I live in.  We got home that night around 11:30 and just CRASHED. But it was worth it!  

Saturday we did a District finding night!  Our district all met up, and then switched companions (except for Sister Fast and I) and headed out to go set some baptismal dates on the streets of Graz!  Before we left, Sister Fast and I had a feeling we should invite Chelsea, an exchange student from Idaho in our ward, to come with us!  So the three of us set out on our quest to find the elect, and after like five thousand rejections we decided to switch things up a little and just door a random building instead of trying to stop people walking down the street. No one was letting us in, but then this one guy randomly buzzed us in because he couldn't understand who we were or what we wanted, and he just wanted us to come up and talk to him!  So we walked up, and it turns out that this guy is a less active member from our ward who everyone has been trying to find and get in contact with for FOREVER!  His address and phone number are wrong on our ward list, so it was honestly the BIGGEST MIRACLE that we just so happened to tract into his house!!  And the only reason we could go in to talk to him was because we had Chelsea with us!  Because he was a single man.  #MIRACLE  (This is quickly becoming a favorite hashtag of mine.)  So we talked to him, got his new address and phone number, set up another appointment with him FOR next Saturday, and then invited him to Stake Conference on Sunday!  He said that he was so grateful we came because he knows he needs to come back to church.  Well, Sunday morning we walked into the church, and what do you know, sitting on the back row with his two boys was the less active man we had found the night before :) #MIRACLE  So. freaking. awesome. :)) 

Stake Conference on Sunday was so great!  It was in Graz, which is strange because usually it's in Wien, but President and Sister Kohler came down, so we got to see them twice in one week!  And they gave the best talks ever.  Sister Kohler's German is like better than mine!  (Not that mine is that good haha)  She's so awesome!  I don't know how she has time to learn German AND take care of her family AND be the mom for all 250 missionaries in this mission, but she does a pretty dang good job at it!  
Well, sorry this email was SO super long.  I could tell you about 500 more miracles that happened, but just know that Heavenly Father really does hear and answer our prayers. He really does know us SO personally, and loves us more than we realize!  He wants the best for ALL of His children, and he is just waiting for you to get on your knees and ask for his help :) 

As I've been reading in the Book of Mormon this week, I've noticed that those who are truly converted to the gospel use all five senses!  They HEAR the commandments of God, and are quick to obey.  They SEE the hand of the Lord in their lives, and are quick to thank him for every blessing they receive.  They TASTE the sweetness of the pure love of Christ, and want to emulate that love and share it with others.  They SMELL... Okay actually I don't know what they smell... They FEEL the presence of the Holy Ghost in their lives, and are filled with the power of God.  To be truly converted to the gospel takes so much more than just simply going to church on Sunday, or passively reading your scriptures sometimes.  It takes daily effort, and diligence :)  WE CAN DO IT! 

Okay, I could seriously go on forever and ever with this, but I will stop now :) 
I love you all and hope you have a great week! And hopefully you didn't fall asleep while reading this. haha

Liebe Grüße,Sister Thunell

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