Wednesday, January 13, 2016

January Inspiration

I tried really hard to capitalize on the inspiration I felt after my little road trip on Friday night and jump in the car over the weekend to hunt for some beautiful thing to take a picture of.  Unfortunately, Dallas in January isn't very inspiring.  

I got one moderately good shot of Lake Lavon covered in grey clouds.  

But what was inspiring was jumping in the car with just my camera and the music and no schedule and no place to go.  It's been months since I've gone on an adventure with my camera.  And forever since it's been quiet enough in my car to listen to anything but Taylor Swift.  It was great to spend a couple of hours just being quiet and wandering.  

Quiet is good.  Even in Dallas in January, quiet is good.  

"...I never stop hearing the music after the song is through..."

1 comment:

  1. You found beauty even in a grey Texas day. Sometimes the best days and the best adventures of solitary ones. I have really been in a Paul Cardall sort of mood this past week and have been enjoying his music. It seems to touch a place in my soul. Enjoy the rest of your week!