Saturday, January 16, 2016

Family History

Well, when you take your house off the market for a time and it doesn't require the constant cleaning schedule that it used to, and when you've eliminated all the fluffy and formerly time-consuming things from your life, you have to replace all that stuff with something.  

I'm a little bit obsessive ( you didn't already know that..) and when I find something I'm mildly successful at, I tend to want to do it all the ALL the time.  I happened to wander back to early in the week to see if there were any places in that family tree that could be filled in.  And apparently some floodgate in heaven has opened because I've been able to find SO many names!  (Seriously, where were all these people over the summer when I tried to get back into family history?)  

So, my desk looks pretty much like this every day now.  Covered in family history stuff in various stages of readiness for the temple.  I get up in the morning and have to force myself to take a walk, get dressed, eat something and read scriptures FIRST otherwise I'll get distracted by family history all day and forget everything else.  I'm trying really hard to find a balance with it and also have a desire to do other things, like eat and sleep, but it's been a nice thing to be able to throw myself into for awhile, and probably more productive than watching all the past seasons of Downton Abbey or checking Instagram every five minutes.    

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