Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Trek Music

I snuck into the trek music practice tonight to hear how things were coming along...
Holy cow!  These kids are amazingly talented.  They've only been practicing a few weeks and they sound really, really great!  And what a huge group they've gathered.  There were at least 30 instrumentalists and singers working on This Little Light of Mine...many, many violin players, 5 ukuleles, 3 guitars, and 2 bass players (one of whom was a little camera shy tonight.)

I'm so immensely grateful for leaders who go above and beyond what they've been called to do and think up ways that these youth can have the best experience possible.  Trek preparation, I'm sure, is a monumental task.  But someone stayed up one night and thought, "We should have all these talented kids bring their instruments and add music to the experience."  What a brilliant idea.  I'm grateful for leaders who lose sleep over my kids.  I'm grateful for people who are bringing air conditioned trailers to accommodate all the instruments.  I'm grateful that all three of my girls get to participate in this pioneering effort.  And I'm SO grateful that I happened to be at the church tonight to sneak in and hear them play.  

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