Thursday, June 19, 2014

Beehive Camp

My little adventurer has been gone since Monday morning at Beehive Camp!  

Can you believe this girl?  Totally happy and content to drag herself (and her boot) from one activity to another this summer.  She is tireless and unyielding.  

We took her to an orthopedic specialist last Thursday just to confirm what the ER doctor had told us before trek.  That little bone in her foot is indeed broken.  And she does have to wear the boot for the next month or so.  BUT!  She does not have to use the crutches.  He said as long as she keeps that boot on, she can walk around all she wants.  And so she has.  She has actually been on WALKS with friends.  She's gone to the mall.  She went to camp.  And she's babysitting tonight.  

Honestly, I have to say that if I were in her situation, I might find a lot of delight in just sitting on the couch with my foot propped up on pillows.  I don't think I would be walking around malls, and I definitely wouldn't have gone on trek.  But, Emma is clearly not me.  Her little spirit likes to be in constant motion.  And this kind of motion I can totally support!

I've gotten great reports and pictures from the wonderful leaders who made this camp possible for all the non-trekking girls (and a few of the ones who just wanted to fit in another Beehive experience before committing to Mia Maids...)  Emma is already 14, and therefore the oldest among this group of girls.  But whenever you move to a different class, it's so hard to leave your friends in the class you came from.  This was a great leadership opportunity for her.  As the oldest camper, she was able to lead devotionals, call groups of girls together, and share spiritual thoughts.  Oh, I just love the opportunities my kids have to learn and grow and spread their little leadership wings!  

And I'm super grateful for our friend, Dr. Rodriguez, who was the official camp medic and could take care of Emma when she overdid it...which she definitely did a couple of times.  

One more camp down, and another one comping up next week...stay tuned for Scout Camp adventures...

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  1. Awesome! I wish I had her energy ;) And thank God for the "boot"! Crutches stink.