Monday, June 2, 2014


Trek is coming up in a week.  

Three girls have to be outfitted in authentic pioneer clothing (or something close to it) and be prepared to hike for several miles a day in the heat of an already too hot Texas June, and also try to spiritually connect with their pioneer heritage.  That is a lot to ask of a 14-, 15-, and 17-year old girl when all they really want to do is get their finals over with and hang out by the pool all summer long.  

Craig has been supportive of this youth activity since it was presented several months ago.  The rest of us have been slower to get on board.  

It's the last week of school and the people in our home are restless, impatient for vacations, and a little bit testy.  When Craig suggested to the girls last night that they start packing their things for trek, no one really jumped at that opportunity.  The whole night was moderately frustrating for all of us.  

And then this morning, I noticed the tiniest glimmer of hope on the table upstairs...

Someone has decorated her hat for trek!  That means someone is thinking about trek and is picturing herself walking on a dusty trail with a really cute hat!  That means someone isn't apathetic about it.  And that means someone is moving, even if it's just in tiny steps, toward embracing this upcoming experience.  

And that made me exceedingly happy this morning.

Hooray for small steps, happy little surprises on a Monday morning, and hope.

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  1. My son went on a Trek here in Arizona a couple of years back. It was an excellent experience for him. He loved it. It was physically taxing but a real opportunity for spiritual growth. You daughter will love it and no doubt experience a lot of growth from the experience. Will look forward to reading about how it goes.