Thursday, June 12, 2014


This cute little thing is 14.  It happened a whole week ago, but this post somehow got lost  among the last day of school festivities, trek preparation, and a broken foot...  

Fourteen years ago, on June 6, 2000, just after lunch, Craig and I walked into the hospital in Enumclaw, WA and announced to the handful of nurses there that we would be having a baby very soon.  They didn't believe us.  They told us to go back home, walk a little, and call them when my contractions were closer together.  We didn't go home.  We went across the street to the grocery store, walked around exactly one time, and then drove right back to the hospital.  Emma was born 90 minutes later.  

She has always been a little anxious to get to wherever she's going.  She is our speediest daughter.  She hates to be late.  She takes minimal time getting ready in the morning.  And she's always the first one in the car.  And surprisingly, she rarely forgets anything she needs.  

Emma is fearless.  She will try anything and everything at least once.  The more unique, exciting, and scary, the better.  She is always up for an adventure.  (Clearly, she did not get that from me.) It's so fun to watch her try so many things and find her true talents and passions.  She told me the other day that she wants to go to BYU Hawaii, major in criminology and be a crime scene investigator.  (That may have been influenced by her favorite TV show, though.  She's a pretty big Psych fan.)

Emma loves music.  She borrows Craig's iPad every day after school, and scurries off to her room to listen to Pandora and sing at the top of her lungs.  We've learned to just talk over it or turn up the TV because she has no volume control.  She is teaching herself to play the ukulele.  She auditioned for 9th grade girls' choir last month and made Freshman Select (that's the highest one.)  She is happy to sing anytime, anywhere, and in front of anyone.  

Emma is such a blessing to have in our family.  She is the first one (and sometimes the only one) to ask me about my day when I pick her up from school.  She is considerate and organized.  She's the best babysitter ever!  She loves change.  She loves her family.  And she loves the church.  She doesn't love to snuggle, but she has an innate ability to sense when I need that, and she will temporarily set aside her disdain for physical affection just long enough to give me a giant lingering hug at just the right time.  Those are my favorite.  

I am loving this stage of life with a house full of teenagers.  Really.  They are all completely different.  They have their own voices and opinions which they freely express.  But they are so much fun.  Some aren't the slightest bit interested in hair and make up, and others spend hours in front of a mirror.  Some are infinitely patient and others can't stand the slightest little noise in the background.  All of them like to talk, though, and their favorite place is flopped on our bed at night dissecting their days.  I marvel everyday at these kids that we get to live with.  They are amazing and talented and so much like us, but yet such little mysteries.  Each one of them is a perfect little blend of Craig's personality and mine.  And that is miraculous.  

I love that we get to celebrate this little 14-year-old today.  And I can't wait to see what the coming years bring for her.

Happy (LATE) Birthday post, Em!

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  1. Happy birthday to your BEAUTIFUL daughter! Wishing her abundant blessings in this next year of life!