Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day

You know what...this girl of mine is seriously crazy.  She loves her dad.  She loves surprises.  And she loves to be unexpected.  So, last month, while the rest of us were still thinking about Mother's Day, Savannah ordered this hot dog toaster from Amazon.  She enlisted the help of the other kids to pitch in for hot dogs and buns.

And they gave it all to Craig this morning.  He was thrilled!  

Of course he had to wait until after church to try it out because even the biggest hot dog fan doesn't want to eat them for breakfast.

 It's possible this could be the greatest Father's Day present Craig has ever received.  


  1. I've never EVER heard of such a thing! What will they think of next? Great idea!

  2. This made me laugh - a hot dog machine! Love the picture of your daughter and dad. So great. And you are a saint for going to cub camp all week. Saint!