Friday, June 20, 2014

High Five for Friday

I haven't done a Friday recap post in months!!  It's about time to get back to that routine, I think.  Here are the highlights of this week according to my iPhone, which is getting a lot more action than my camera these days...

1.  7 Days of Inspiration.  Have I mentioned how much I love social media?  This was on Instagram on Sunday night, so I happily took the challenge this week and posted pictures, quotes, and general conference talks that have been inspiring and uplifting to me.  (And if I could figure out how to download a video from Google+ or youtube and post it on Instagram, I would have done that, too...but so's just been frustrating.)  I love that there are so many opportunities to share, uplift, and connect via technology.  I love that this little iPhone is convenient and handy, and has access to a wealth of uplifting information that can be shared in an instant, whenever inspiration strikes.  I love that technology can connect us to people we might not have met before, and start conversations we might not have had.  In fact, my post on Wednesday launched an awesome discussion with my visiting teachers yesterday morning on gratitude.  Love those women.  Love #mormonchannel.  And LOVE using social media to uplift and connect.

2.  The Beehive Campers are home!  I missed my girl.  It was so nice to be able to pick her up and see her cute, energetic, happy face.  Our house is different when one of my little chickens is missing.

3.  Mini Fruit Pizzas.  Craig and I combined our Deacons and Webelos this week for a fun swimming activity.  We snuck in a few opportunities for working on requirements, but mostly we just let them play and have fun in the pool...after the thunderstorm passed.  And you can't have a scout pool party, and not have treats.  So Megan and I whipped up a few flowery sugar cookies and threw some fresh fruit on them.  Instant hit!  And I'm pretty sure the fruit cancels out the sugar and butter in these cookies.  :)

4.  Million Dollar Arm.  I took McKay and his two neighborhood besties to see this movie this week.  They loved it and I loved it!  Cute boys.  Awesome message.  Baseball.  And Bill Paxton.  It's kind of a combination for success, I think.  Can't believe we missed this earlier when it first came out.  

5.  Forts.  This has been my view of McKay's bedroom all week.  Sometimes when it's really messy in there, I like to close those doors so I don't have to look at it.  But I've kind of loved looking at this little creative space he's made.  I've been invited in a couple of times...and I have the code word, so I can actually come in there whenever I want.  He and his friends divided it into "rooms" for each of them.  He's slept in there all week.  And I just really love having a 10 year old who wants to do something interesting and fun with his long summer days.  

Hope you're having a great summer!  

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  1. Looks like you have all had a fun and inspirational week. Enjoy the weekend!