Friday, January 10, 2014

High Five for Friday

It's been forever since I've written a H54F post.  But since it's a New Year, and I've missed these recap posts, here is the first H54F of 2014!

1.  Out of the Nest
Look!  My nest has turned back into a couch.  Blankets are folded.  Decorative pillows have replaced those sorry looking things I dragged out from the bedroom.  Remotes are put away.   Rugs have been vacuumed (not by me, though, don't worry.)  And life is gradually returning to normal around here.  

2.  New Hair
There really is no better reason to get out of the house than a visit to the salon.  New cut and color…hooray!  

3.  Drives
I absolutely LOVE to drive aimlessly around town all by myself listening to music.  I think I've missed that the most while I've been cooped up at home.  Sneaking out on Tuesday was the most fun I've had this week.  Next week I think I'll take the camera with me.  

4.  Best Lip Gloss Ever
Bath and Body Works post-Christmas sale.  75% off.  Perfect shade of plum and sparkly.

5.  Passports
Hooray!  As of today, 6 passport applications have been submitted, which means that in 6 weeks, we will be holding actual passports in our hands!  (more on why we need those things later…) It's no small feat to gather all the necessary stuff to get 6 people, including three minors, registered for passports.  Thankfully, we won't have to do this again for at least 5 more years.  


  1. love love the new hair!!!!

    You are stunning...inside and out.

    Glad you are beginning to feel better...but the motherly part of me is reminding you no vacuuming and no lifting!
    Sorry! But after 4 C sanctions I know how easy it is to forget...and then regret. : )

    Anxious to hear about those Passports!

    Have a great weekend, pretty lady!

  2. Great post! I LOVE your new hair cut and color. Yowzer! Absolutely beautiful…and younger looking! Passports are much easier the second time….even for the minors.