Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Happy Reunion

Guess what yesterday was….!!!  

Exactly six weeks since my hysterectomy.  

That is worthy of celebration and a blog post for two reasons:  

First, I'll be able to stop throwing the word hysterectomy around so casually on this blog from now on because I am officially done with this chapter of my life.  The words RECOVERY, SURGERY, and HYSTERECTOMY are forever banned from any future blog posts, I promise.  

And the second reason is this beautiful thing…
Oh, I have missed my vacuum cleaner so much.  I've been counting down the weeks until I could throw myself back into a cleaning ritual again.  And I don't even know what it is about vacuuming after a hysterectomy that is so dangerous, but the doctors and nurses all said, "Don't do it."  So I haven't.  Craig and the kids have done a great job, but it's just time for me and my cleaning friend to get back together.  I'm not a clean freak, really.  I'm more of a tidier.  There are dust bunnies lurking around, shoes have a hard time making it back into my closet, and my bathroom can get pretty scary.  But the one thing that makes me feel like a complete success as a homemaker is vacuuming.  

And boy, did I vacuum today!

Nothing was safe from this super cleaning duo.  We vacuumed the rugs, the wood floors, the carpet, the closets, the bathrooms…I would have taken the thing outside and done the patio if I had thought of it.  
After a few hours of quality reunion time, my house is now covered with those beautiful, freshly vacuumed lines all over the carpet.  I love those!  I just sat in my closet and looked at the ones in there for a really long time.  I may never let anyone walk in that closet again.  They make me so happy.  

And what a coincidence that Vacuum Reunion Day happened to fall on the day that Craig gets home from his winter weather extravaganza business trip in Birmingham.  He loves vacuum lines on the carpet, too.  He'll be thrilled that the vacuum and I are back together again.  

Oh, I just remembered another endearing flaw of mine…I hate to wrap the cord around the right way.  So I just coil it up and hang it precariously on the top hook and then hurry and close the closet door before it has a chance to fall off.  That's good enough, right?

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