Thursday, January 16, 2014

Beds Made

This morning was insane.  We all accidentally slept in until 6:30.  (Seminary starts at 6:00…eek!!)  Savannah needed gas in the van.  People needed breakfast and lunches…and showers.  I jumped out of bed, gave a few quick directions to the kids, and never walked back into my room.  

Remarkably, everyone was in a really good mood.  They pitched in and helped with lunches.  We skipped scriptures, but sat around the island and had breakfast together.  And then we flew out the door to get Emma to choir by 7:30.  

McKay typically walks to school, but since it was one of those frigid 32-degree January mornings, I drove him.  As he jumped out of the car, he gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and said, "Oh, and I made your bed for you.  Love you!" and off he ran into the school.  

Craig has been gone all week and therefore my bed hasn't been made all week.  That's one of those things on my list of "DO NOT ATTEMPT during recovery" items, although I don't know why.  Making the bed isn't that hard.  But along with no vacuuming and no lifting, there has been no bed making happening…at least for me.  The kids have taken on the vacuuming responsibilities and hauling in groceries and boxes, but the bed is low on the priority list.  What a nice surprise it was to walk into my room this morning and not even have to think about my messy bed.

I love that sweet, thoughtful little boy.  


  1. Oh my!!! How sweet is that?!?!

    What an awesome little man you are raising there!

    This actually made me tear up!

    Have a good one, my sweet friend. : )