Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I never realize until I have an event to bake for, how much I actually enjoy the whole process of making cookies.  I usually take the easy way out and just make chocolate chip cookies for the kids because they're so fast.  But today required a little more effort.  

So I made sugar cookie dough early this morning.  Chilled it for 2 hours.  Rolled it out on my counter.  Cut it into little tulip shapes.  Baked them.  And decorated them. 

Isn't it amazing that a little butter, sugar and flour can turn into these beautiful, delicious things??


  1. Ohhh they are beautiful!

    And I am certain...just as yummy!

    And I agree. It is a mental thing with me...just the thought of the mess and work... but then I think about our ancestors.

    They didn't pop open a tube of biscuits for dinner. They mixed and rolled and baked them...just for a side!

    So you, my friend, are an inspiration for me to break out my apron and get rollin' ! : )

  2. Those are beautiful! Did you mix the yellow and orange? Great idea. Gives it a kick. :)