Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I was stressing out this morning about tomorrow's Cub Scout activity.  (I think they're called Den Meetings…someday I'll get all this Scout lingo down.)  My companion/co-den leader and I had spent the better part of one October morning meticulously planning all of our activities Den Meetings through the end of the year.  But this month we're working on the Scientist requirement and our Guest Scientist isn't available until next week.  Which meant a little shifting and scrambling would have to be done to fill in the gap for tomorrow.

I worried.  I Googled.  I read over and over again through the list of Scientist requirements to try and find ones that I'm qualified and prepared to teach.  (There are none.  I'm SO not science-y.  Where are the Music Requirements??  I could totally do those.  Or the Scrapbooking Requirements??)  I checked on YouTube for Pascal's Law and Newton's first law of motion to find out what the heck they even are.  And just as I was about to throw in the Cub Scout towel, my Co-Den Leader texted, "Just wanted to double check what requirements we're working on tomorrow.  Will you call me or text me back when you have a chance?"  EEK!  More pressure!  That's actually what I texted her back, too, btw.  "EEK!  Sorry, I don't know what we're doing tomorrow.  As soon as I figure it out, I'll call you and let you know."  

And here's where the clouds parted and the relief came…

Do you know what she texted back??…"Why don't you call me when you're free and we'll figure it out together."

TOGETHER!  Oh yeah, there are TWO of us.  I don't have to do this alone.

All morning I had been trying to be amazing, trying to come up with a plan, trying to figure things out ALL BY MYSELF.  I had said a prayer and asked for help, but it really didn't occur to me until that last text came that I had a COMPANION in this Cub Scout calling.  And not just any old companion…this one has been in this calling for over a year.  She's done all the requirements already.  She knows the Scout lingo.  She is practically an expert.  And I was turning to Google instead of her.  Crazy, huh?

I called Cali a few minutes later, and in less than 30 minutes we had come up with a plan for tomorrow's Den Meeting…TOGETHER!  I'm doing half of it and she's doing half of it.  Brilliant, huh?  

So here's what I learned today:  We're not supposed to do this stuff alone.  None of it.  Parenting requires a COMPANION.  Missionary work requires a COMPANION.  Cub Scouts requires a COMPANION.  LIFE requires a COMPANION.

The many missions which we have in life cannot be embarked upon successfully without the help of others. Birth requires earthly parents. Our blessing as a child, our baptism, our receiving the laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost, our receiving membership in his church, ordination to the priesthood, going on a mission, being married, having children of our own, blessings during illness and times of need—all require the help of others. And all these are acts of love and service which require the help of others and the giving of help to others.
When we return to our Heavenly Father, he does not want us to come back alone. He wants us to return with honor with our families and those whom we have helped along the road of life. In preparing this message, it has become very clear to me that the true nature of the gospel plan is the interdependence we have upon one another in this life and the estate in which we now live.  - Elder Robert D. Hales
I am grateful today for a Cub Scout companion who reminded me of the value of working TOGETHER.  I'm grateful also for the many other companions in my life, especially for my amazing, patient, steady, faithful, compassionate Eternal Companion/Husband who might not help me with Cub Scouts, but helps me with every other thing in my life.  What an inspired plan it was for Heavenly Father to provide companions for us, so we don't have to do this all by ourselves.

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  1. I completely get it. You are bound to succeed given all the thought that you've both put into it already. Hang in there. These volunteer times can really make life stressful.