Friday, November 29, 2013

Craig's Birthday

I am infinitely grateful today and everyday for this amazing man.  Today is his birthday, but because he's considerate and knew that I would be wiped out after making Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, he requested "birthday pie" for breakfast and a day of watching football to celebrate his 43rd birthday.  I love that he requires very little to be happy, that he's grateful for leftover pumpkin pie, and that he would pick a quiet day in sweats over a big party ANY DAY.

We're all so lucky to have this man in our lives.  He's a great dad, an awesome Scout Master, and the most patient husband on the planet.  

Happy Birthday, Craig!  We love you. <3


  1. Happy Birthday to your hubby, my friend!!!!
    And that picture???? LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a great evening, my friend! : )

  2. Happy birthday to you husband. May he have a day (and year) filled with abundant blessings !