Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Review of the Week (via iPhone)

Here's a quick review of the happenings in our crazy busy lives…

Baseball Championship
McKay's team played their championship game on the first below-40 degree night of the season a couple of weeks ago.  They lost, but came in 2nd in their division, so they still got trophies.  And trophies make everyone happy.  

It seems that we have a never ending stream of teenagers in our house.  In fact, as I'm writing this post, there are 10 of them downstairs in my living room playing Just Dance.  These are great kids and having them in my home makes me exceedingly happy.  I'm glad we have room for them to play, food for them to eat, and enough stuff to keep them entertained.  

Show Choir
Emma's adorable show choir group performed at an outdoor shopping mall last weekend.  It's so much fun to hear them sing.  (They have boy partners, too, but somehow we missed them in this group shot.)

It was my turn for after school football duty this week.  McKay and about 16 of his closest friends have had a great couple of weeks enjoying the balmy November weather in Dallas.  Love these kids!

It looks like our days of short sleeves and after school football games are numbered.  Starting last night, we went from sunny and 60s to snowflakes and 30s.  Hot chocolate weather has finally arrived!

Holiday guests ALWAYS motivate us to finish those little projects around the house.  This one has been lingering for 6 months and there is NO WAY I'm letting my in laws come BACK to visit this house with the same test paint colors all over my dining room walls…so I decided to try some new colors.  :)  That red flowered vase in the picture below and the turquoise one in the other post  are still the motivation for the color palette, but I've gone from TEAL to TURQUOISE to PAPRIKA to that SILVERY BLUE color.  On Tuesday, Oscar the painter is coming to finish painting my entryway and I would love to finalize a color choice and have him just do the dining room, too.  I'll let you know how the color selection goes.  

We had a 3 1/2 hour final rehearsal on Tuesday night, and I have never been so exhausted and so exhilarated all at the same time.  The directors are amazing.  The music is amazing.  And the orchestra accompaniment filled in all the blanks that we didn't even know we were missing in our 3 months of choir rehearsals. 
Oh and Glenn Beck was there too.  He is apparently a huge fan of the directors and the choir and wanted to assure us that this concert will definitely be sold out after his continuous promotion on his radio show.  He is a lovely man.  

I am so happy to have a week long break from our usual school/work routine.  I'm grateful that Craig is not traveling for the next two weeks.  And I cannot wait for the Thanksgiving festivities.  Bring on the holidays!  


  1. Love your family life, my friend,

    Love how you open your home I your children's friends.

    My mom always did that too. So many happy memories of all my friends gathered at my house. We always used o make tacos!

  2. Glen Beck!! Woo Hoo! I love the paprika red. I chose that color for a chair I painted...I wanted a red and I loved that name color. I wish I had the job of naming colors :) Your daughter looks stunning in her blue choir dress. All those ladies do. And way to go, Mom, on having the teens at your house, a safe haven. That's awesome for them and you :) All the pictures are either lovely or fun to look at. Hoping you have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday with your family!