Saturday, November 2, 2013


Another last game of the season before we start tournaments next week.   I LOVE these late night games.  Perfect weather.  Great opportunity to practice some night time photography.  Awesome color.

I got to the game just after it started and I was shocked when I saw Upside Down #5 McKay PITCHING...what???  McKay never pitches.  He always wants to, but there are usually a lot of other boys ahead of him.   Apparently tonight was the night to try out an alternate pitching plan.  Everyone pretty much got to try that position.

But if I'm being perfectly honest, I have to say that I really don't love when he pitches.  It's too much pressure...on ME.  I get so stressed out with him in that high profile position on that mound, I can barely breathe.  He's not a bad pitcher, but he's a better catcher, I think.  So when he put all that catcher's gear back on in the next inning, I was very relieved.

 He had a couple of great hits tonight against a REALLY good little 9U pitcher.  

This game was so exciting that we were tied almost throughout the whole thing.  This picture of the game winning run coming up to bat with the scoreboard in the background is my favorite.  It sort of says it all right there.   

Bring on the tournament!  Love these boys.  LOVE this game! 

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  1. I love night games too - and I can totally relate to the pressure a mother feels when your child is "the guy" or girl. Ah! Looks fun. And I laughed at the organization your son did - the combs and bottles in the toilet paper. I applaud you for leaving long did that last :)