Saturday, February 2, 2013

Photography Class Day 3

Last week, our homework was to shoot a still thing, in low light, using three aperture/shutter speed settings (one underexposed, one overexposed, and one using the camera's suggested balance.)

Here's what I turned in today...
(perfect...according to the camera)
The purpose of the homework, though, was to prove that the camera doesn't always pick the right settings.  We each posted our three pictures up on the white board and the class voted on which one they liked the best.  Fairly often, it was the overexposed shot that was the most popular even though, according to the camera, it wasn't "perfect."  "Perfect" is a subjective thing, isn't it?

I wasn't quite the rockstar that I was last week.  This week Hector "rocked it." (meh...)  My shots fell somewhere in the middle of the class - not the best, but definitely not the worst.  But I still loved being in there today.  I know more people's names, and a few of them know mine.  I said stuff.  I asked questions.  I contributed, even though I'm not an expert.  It's so much fun to do something completely different than what I do in a typical week.  

This week we practiced using white balance and ISO.  Our homework for next week is to take ONE SHOT using all four things we've learned: aperture, shutter speed, white balance, and ISO.  In Vernetta's words, "I want this shot to KILL IT."  Sheesh...No pressure...

So, for the next 7 days, I will be dragging my camera around trying to find something amazing that "Kills It!" for next Saturday's class.  Wish me luck...



  1. I'm high-fiving you! I want to go to class, too!

    1. Thanks Amy! You should totally DO this. Huge confidence builder, for sure!

  2. I'm high-fiving you! I want to go to class, too!