Friday, February 22, 2013

High Five for Friday

Favorite Conversation of the Week:  
On President's Day, all of Flowering Buttercup's friends ditched her and made plans early while she was still 11:00am...shocking, huh??  June was out with her friends.  Mack was across the street.  And Spell Girl was at her desk writing her latest character development into her book of scribbles.
FB:  (to Spell...) Will you play with me?  Pleeeeease.... 
SG:  ugh...wait, I need to finish this scribble. 
FB:  What??  What in the heck is a scribble? 
SG:'s an idea that I have for my book... 
FB:  Are you done scribbling yet? 
SG:  Nope. 
FB:  Well, how long does a scribble take??
SG:  It'll be faster if you wait just a minute and stop asking me to play with you. 
FB:  (waiting...about 30 seconds...) 
FB:  Now will you play with me?? 
SG: (still writing, trying to ignore her sister) 
FB:  (totally indignant and pacing outside SG's room...)  Do you know why Mommy and Daddy even HAD you?? you could PLAY with me!!  
Well, what can you really do after an argument like that, but hurry and finish your scribbling and play with your persistent sister?  (Incidentally, that is NOT why we had Spell Girl.)  

Favorite Email of the Week:  I love when my birthday gets closer and I start to get Happy Birthday wishes from all my favorite places.  I'm using this one TODAY!

Most Beautiful Music of the Week:

Spell Girl's Pre UIL Orchestra Concert.  Amazing music.  I'm so happy I got to listen to it all day on Thursday. 

Best Lunch Date of the Week:
You know what...I actually had TWO amazing lunch dates this week, but this one was with the Scout Master, and it was today, and it's the only one I remembered to take a picture of.  
chicken enchiladas at Blue Mesa...YUM!

Quote of the Week:
"You will never regret the things you do, only the things you don't do." - Steve Jobs


  1. That conversation is HILARIOUS! I love it! Ohhhh sisters!

  2. Looks like you have a great week! Love that your girls are so precious. And the scoutmaster is an awesome date- taking you to eat those yummy enchiladas! Have a wonderful weekend, chick! ;)

  3. Great quote!