Saturday, March 21, 2015


I've been so reclusive this week.  Not on purpose...mostly.  The week looked pretty packed when I looked at my calendar on Sunday night, and I despise packed weeks...especially after spending all of Spring Break out of town.  I think I must have subconsciously decided that I needed a week at home more than I needed Institute and Book Club and Enrichment and all the other things I conveniently skipped this week.  

And even though I didn't do half the stuff on the list I made Sunday night, I did do a lot of things around the house that I didn't even know I wanted to do. 
A LONG time ago, I bought this paint sample off of the Lowe's reject rack.  Because I loved the color.  And because it was only .50!  Remember the dining room paint experiments from way back here?  
Well, I tried this color on the wall, too, and even though I loved it, no one else really did.  I have since found other uses for this perfectly perfect dark delicious turquoise paint.  I painted a pair of cupcake holders a few months ago.  And this week, I painted this cute H.
...which then meant that I needed a place to hang that H.  Which led to reorganizing my whole desk space upstairs.  Which led to repainting that lamp on my desk to match the H on the wall.  (It was previously a yucky mint green color.)



I may have painted a few other things, and cleaned out some clutter, and made a few trips to donate those things that I decluttered, too.  Nesting this week, and being a recluse, turned out to be pretty great ideas, I think.  And now I have a tidy and beautiful office space that makes me want to come upstairs more often and do things like update my blog, dig through family history boxes, and write thank you notes.  

Next week, I'll go back to my usual "socializing, spirit seeking, leaving the house" self.  


  1. Oh my!!!!
    That looks amazing!!!!
    You know how I feel about bring home. : )
    Glad you had a cozy, productive week.
    And I have major offiice space envy. Just sayin'