Thursday, March 19, 2015

Savannah Update

Savannah's adorable roommate received her mission call to the Missouri Independence Mission last week.  She reports to the MTC on June 10th.  We're SO super excited for her and so happy that she and Savannah will be roommates for a few more weeks before she moves back to Idaho to prepare for her mission.  They are such great influences on each other, and we could not be more grateful for this amazing girl.  

So there's this cute boy at BYU who has been heavily pursuing Savannah for the past few weeks.  She's been out on a few dates with him, but from what she's told us it sounds like the interest level is a lot greater on his end.  He's persistent, though.  And he keeps conveniently showing up everywhere that Savannah is.  And in my experience, repeated exposure to a thing helps you learn to like it.  

You know, like broccoli.  When my kids were little, I figured out that if I was persistent in putting green things on their plates, over time, what was initially a new and undesirable green vegetable became a familiar and much loved favorite.  Really.  All of my kids love broccoli to this day. 

Alex is a little bit like that initial experience with a new vegetable for Savannah right now, I think.  She's not sure what to make of him.  She might not have picked him if given the choice.  But his persistence is paying off.  A few weeks ago she was mostly irritated every time she texted me about him.  But here's the text she sent me last night...

I happen to be a huge fan of persistent people and find that to be a very endearing quality, so I'm giving Alex 1,000 points for his efforts.  (Too bad my points are completely random and count for nothing in Savannah's mind.)  

I'm grateful for spring that is springing up everywhere, especially in Provo.  And I'm grateful for a very happy college girl.  

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  1. Oh! I get so happy when I see posts about your college girl!
    I am so very happy she is so very happy, and that makes you so very happy!
    So happiness all around.
    Hmmmmm. The young man sounds like a good one. Too bad Mom votes don't count for much. Or so we think. ; )
    Have a nice weekend, my friend.
    We are expecting 4 inches of snow tomorrow...Happy first day of spring!