Friday, March 6, 2015

Snow Days

One of the best things about living in Dallas, I think, is the variety of spontaneous weather we enjoy.  We've had such a mild winter and then all of a sudden the last few days of February and the first week of March have been FREEZING and snowy.  Yesterday the kids had SNOW DAY #3, which we'll have to make up for at the end of the year sometime, but's kind of nice to have an unexpected break in the week...especially when everyone has already done all their homework.  

This is what we woke up to his morning...after rainy weather ALL day Wednesday and then a temperature drop to 23 degrees that night, the whole neighborhood was covered in SNOW!  

I love the way snow converts things from their typical function into something entirely different...this is the golf course down the street that has been quite fun for the kids to use as a sledding hill.  Amazing isn't it?

And the best thing about the kind of snow we see in Dallas is that it doesn't last very long.  That hill up there is back to its usual grassy green and as soon as it dries out I'm sure all the sledders will be replaced with golfers again.  


  1. How exciting for you all!!!
    I love the golf course turned sledding hill photo!!!
    Hope you are having a great weekend, my friend. : )

  2. It is nice to get a little snow every now and then. We get snow here in Phoenix once every ten years or so and then it melts right away. Hope you have a great weekend and that you enjoy the coming week!

  3. It looks so nice !!! I wish I could see snow too !