Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring Blossoms

Spring happened overnight here.  Apparently it rained all week while we were out of town, and today was the first sunny day Allen has seen in awhile.  Megan and I noticed all the pear tree blossoms this morning on the way to school, and as I drove into the high school parking lot, I made a mental note that I needed to find a tree and take a picture of it today before those blossoms disappear.  They always seem to go away as inconspicuously as they came.  

My day was mostly futile.  I had a list of about 200 things that I needed to do and only got through two of them...and it's a stretch to say that those two are actually finished.  I also added about 7 more things that I had forgotten to write down on Sunday night when I made the original list, and 5 others crept in after I picked up the mail that's been on hold for us for the past week.  So, after 24 hours, my list has gone from 200 to 210.  Not exactly a stellar productivity rate.  

While I spent the day running around, I noticed a few more beautiful trees that would have been excellent candidates for that spring blossoms shot I was looking for, but I either didn't have the time to take it, or I was driving.  It's always difficult to take a picture when you're holding onto a steering wheel (although, I have done it before.)  

At 6:30, after many hours of spinning my wheels, I pulled into my driveway and remembered I hadn't yet gotten that picture I wanted.  And then, I looked out of my car window and noticed this gorgeous blossoming tree next to me.  

All that hunting, when all I really needed to do was walk outside my back door.   

So I added "take a picture of a spring tree" to my list and then promptly crossed it off.  Still 210 left for tomorrow, but at least there's one more gratifying orange line on my sheet.  

Hooray for orange lines, for spring blossoms and sunny days, for unexpected beauty in my backyard, and for 24 more hours...

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  1. Such a fun post! Hooray for orange lines and making something YOU want to do be a priority!