Monday, April 2, 2018

Houston, We Have a Problem...

(I've been waiting 4 months to use that as a subject title...)

Well, I hope everyone loved General Conference as much as I did. From the emails I've gotten this week it seems like the answer is ye!  But let me just say that this has definitely been the best General Conference experience I've ever had. Maybe that's because I'm a missionary and Conference is a chance to just sit and relax for a minute and soak in the Spirit. Regardless, it was amazing! The whole time I was watching it I was just thinking of how proud I am to be part of this Church. I love the push to LOVE everyone and to be unified as members in loving others and serving them. I'm so excited to work on loving people even more than I do now!! 

I know that Russell M. Nelson is a true prophet of God!

In others news...I still hate driving, especially because I popped our tire this week. We were running way late to one of our appointments and as we pulled up I accidentally rammed into a corner of the curb. I parked and when we got out we could hear the tire letting out all its air. But because we were so late to the appointment we decided to go in and deal with the tire after. Well the appointment ended up lasting until 9 and by the time we came out the tire was completely flat, of course. We called the vehicle coordinator who was on his way to the airport to pick up his wife, so we then had to call the elders who live close by. They came and changed our tire for us so we could get home and then to Firestone the next day. It took about an hour and it had just rained so the elders were pretty much rolling around in mud and puddles trying to change the tire. Their white shirts were so dirty afterward and I felt so bad. But, I'm so grateful that the Church is organized and that we didn't have to worry about all of that ourselves and there are always missionaries nearby that can rescue us.

My new companion, Hermana Jensen, is a super hero! Thanks to her we found 8 new investigators this week, and really connected better with some others that Hermana Bent and I haven't seen in a while. She's got this crazy ability to make total strangers completely open up about the deepest parts of their lives, and then she'll just weave gospel principles into the conversation and suddenly we're being invited inside their house and giving them a Book of Mormon and being invited back.

My absolute favorite investigator is Katy. She's the sister-in-law of a recent convert and she and her family are so cute and she's so funny and sweet. I love them so much. Yesterday we went to visit her because we haven't been able to see her in a while, and as Hermana Jensen started talking Katy started crying and telling us about all the trials in her life and how she wants to go to church so bad but her husband doesn't want to drive her and she doesn't drive (I can relate). She, and people like her, is one of the biggest reasons I'm out here. Because every time we go over I can see how much she wants to be happy and I can see clearly that the gospel can bring her that happiness and that peace that she's looking for. 

I'm so grateful for the knowledge of the gospel that I have and that I can be out here sharing it. I loved the invitation that Brian K. Taylor mentioned in Conference yesterday: "Every time you feel hopeless, lost, or sad open the Book of Mormon." I've definitely seen that the Book of Mormon is the quickest way to make myself happier or more grateful or better directed. I'm so grateful that I have such easy access to revelation from God, and I know that I'm out here because I want people like Katy to realize that they have that same access.

I love you all and invite you to accept that invitation as well: When you feel sad, hopeless, or lost READ THE BOOK OF MORMON. That's what it's there for.

Thanks for all the great emails this week!
Hermana Thunell

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