Monday, April 23, 2018

The Week of Dogs

Hi everyone! 

As always, this week was a mix of ups and downs. We had some miracles, some grumpy people, and some days that we just wanted to sleep (I have never enjoyed taking naps so much in my life). But you know, welcome to mission life. Hermana Jensen and I had great success as far as finding people to teach this week. We found 8 new investigators: Elizabeth, Jennifer, Jonathan, Juan, Juana, Julian, Rob, and Tania. I think I've finally learned the secret to finding: talk to everyone whose name starts with a J! 

This week was also the week of dogs. I swear all the animals in Houston know I'm allergic to them and so all the dogs flock to me. But of course when I want to pet the cats they run away 🐱😒

Speaking of dogs, we met this guy Juan the other week who's a German Shepherd breeder, so he has EIGHT German Shepherds. We met him at his mom's house, so we didn't get to see them the first time we met him, but for our return appointment we went to his actual house and walked up to the gate to meet 8 German Shepherds barking in our faces. 

As we waited for Juan to come out (because there's no doorbell or anything), we heard some very loud, very Hispanic music blasting from a fenced-in field behind us. We turned around to check it out and saw a horse DANCING TO THE MUSIC. The man that was training it saw us staring and yelled to us "Come! Come touch my horse!" (but in Spanish). So naturally we hopped the fence and ran on over. He wasn't very interested in our message, but he did tell us we could come over and ride his horse whenever we wanted to 😂

We went back to Juan's house later and his daughter came out and threatened to let all 8 of the dogs out on us if we came back, so I guess that's that. But meeting Huracan the dancing horse was definitely worth getting yelled at.

I love having the protection of the Lord on our side. He always protects us from people who try to let their dogs out on us and turns them into cuddly puppies instead 😊

Well, I've run out of focus to write anything else in this weekly. 

Thanks everyone for dealing with my crazy stories!

-Hermana Thunell

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