Monday, October 24, 2016

I Stand All Amazed


This was probably one of the best weeks I've had here in Augsburg in a while :) 

Tuesday I went to the doctor to get a blood test, and HOLY COW I was so scared! I do not know "doctor German."  And I hate needles, and especially getting blood drawn.  But I survived, step by step, because I prayed that I would just be able to make it through 20 minutes, and then 20 minutes later I prayed again that I could make it smoothly through the next 20 minutes!  And it worked :)  Prayer is real, people!  Heavenly Father is PERFECTLY aware of us and all our tiny little problems and concerns.  Results from the test came two days later, and I cant understand any of those huge doctor words in ENGLISH much less in German!  But I guess I have some sort of infection and it's making me constantly exhausted?  Luckily it has nothing to do with my iron levels and the doctor said that all I can do is let it run its course and get out!  But I've had it for about 5 months, so no idea what kind of an infection it is. 

Tuesday night we went to a family's home and they made us WIENERSCHNITZEL!  For those who don't know, there is a huge difference between schnitzel and wienerschnitzel. And this sister is Austrian so she made it the right way! ;)  It was delicious, and after about two hours we were kind of wrapping up the conversations and trying to finish up our spiritual thought and then get on our way to do some more missionary work, and then they pulled out Monopoly and it was game over...haha. We were there for the rest of the night! No escaping! First time playing Monopoly in German, and it was super fun!  

We had a TON of other member appointments this week, and they all went so well, but I can't tell about all of them so here is my favorite:

On Saturday we went to a sweet couple's house for dinner.  The whole evening felt like I was in some kind of Pride and Prejudice movie, but it was so cozy and friendly at the same time. :) They are seriously two of the most lovely, kindest, and wonderful people I have met on my mission!  We had some awesome conversations, are delicious and very fancy food, and fed some cute reindeers in their backyard!!  Then we shared a General Conference talk with them, and they said that it just so happened to be the one talk they didn't get to see during Conference, and it was the perfect message for them!  We are all good enough :) We can always repent, and we are always loved no matter what. I can't even describe the beautiful spirit that I felt throughout that whole appointment, but it was honestly close to what I feel when I walk around the temple grounds. So they are our two new investigators, and please keep them in your prayers!!  

We were also trying so hard to set a baptismal date with our cute other investigator this week, but she is having eye surgery soon so it's been kinda hard to try and sit down and meet with her. So keep her in your prayers, too! 

Today for pday we are going to Dachau (the concentration camp) so that's why I'm writing my weekly email before we do that because I'll probably be depressed after.  

But just know that Heavenly Father truly is there for us always, that He loves us no matter what, no matter how many mistakes we make, and no matter how hard we try but fail. We are all good enough!!!  There is no such thing as not being good enough to pray, or not being good enough to go to church, or not being good enough to repent. Doesn't exist :) 


Love y'all!

Sister Thunell

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