Sunday, October 23, 2016


About a week ago, I went with the youth to a service activity in Ashville, AL (that's about 40 miles from where I live.)  We spent the day moving bricks and clearing fallen trees out of a field and moving things from one side of a very large pasture to another.  The activity was well attended and a huge success and everyone had a great time.  

Because I have this Church Service Missionary calling (and because I'm not a huge fan of doing work outside that requires gloves and shovels) I decided to use my time at this activity as a photo opportunity and take pictures of the event.  And since I didn't want anyone to wonder what I was doing out there wandering in the pasture with my camera instead of helping, I wore my name tag.  

I actually did end up helping quite a bit and I was pretty empowered by that.  I also got some amazing pictures of these kids who worked so hard for several hours without complaining even once. 

When I got home that night, though, I realized I didn't have my name tag and I also realized I had probably lost it somewhere in that giant field.  I love that name tag and even if I don't wear it very often and even though I won't be a church photographer forever, I definitely want to keep that tiny missionary reminder with me forever.  So I was heartbroken when I realized it was gone.  Craig and the kids offered to drive out to the field with me and look for it, but a busy week and the inconvenience of driving all the way out there prevented that search and rescue mission.  

But then, today as I was getting ready for yet another service opportunity...this one not requiring my camera or my name tag, a tiny thought occurred to me to check in my camera bag one more time.  "Do you know how many times I've checked through that bag?"  (that's what I actually said to that little voice...)  I had already checked my entire bag, emptied out its contents (which have still not found their way back into my bag,) and checked the whole van, and found nothing.  

But...that little voice is always worth listening to, so I checked my camera bag again.  

And guess what...I found it!  

It had slipped under that fluffy insert I put in there to hold my lenses.  So even though I had reached down the sides and looked in every pocket the last 27 times I looked, I hadn't thought to take the insert out.  

I am so grateful we didn't have to hunt in that giant field.  I'm so grateful to be reunited with my name tag.  And I'm especially grateful for that little voice that always comes when I need it.  Heavenly Father is absolutely aware of each one of us and listens to even the smallest petitions of our hearts.  I know that for sure.  

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