Friday, February 26, 2016


If you've been following Savannah's emails that I've posted, you might remember the whole moth infestation problem in her apartment recently.  Last week she mentioned a cute senior couple who came over and helped her and her companion throughly clean and de-bug their apartment.  How grateful I was that week for those kind senior missionaries and for the guidance and assistance they are for all the younger missionaries.   (Holy cow!  Some of these kids have never even left home before, much less had to leave the country and learn a new language and also deal with bugs in their cereal!)  I was grateful that there were people available in Graz, Austria to do what I was not able to do from Texas.  And I was grateful that Savannah mentioned their names so I knew specifically who to thank Heavenly Father for in my prayers last week.  

Yesterday, Craig and I received an email from that senior missionary couple.  They wrote to us and also to Sister Fast's family in California because they wanted us to know that they have enjoyed their recent interactions with our daughters, that the girls' companionship is a successful and happy one, and that the girls have helped them with some computer issues they weren't able to figure out on their own.  

How sweet was that?  They totally didn't have to write to us.  They don't even know us.  But sometime yesterday, among all the other things senior missionaries have to do, a thought occurred to them to send that very short, but oh so meaningful little note of reassurance to us.  

I love people who do that.  

What a nice reminder that even the tiniest generous thought can have a huge impact on someone.  I hope someday to be inclined to act on as many generous thoughts as I have.  

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