Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Changed Plans

Well, this is what my day was supposed to look like...
...see that giant beautiful yellow square on my planner with absolutely NOTHING?!  That was my plan for the day.  But sometimes there's a different plan on those days I think are going to be filled with nothing.  

My little cold last week got better on Saturday and through church on Sunday, and then turned into a major sore throat and a really barky cough sometime during the Super Bowl.  By Monday morning, I felt like I had swallowed a hamster during the night and I could barely talk.  It hasn't gotten any better in the 48 hours that I've been patiently waiting.  

This morning, I couldn't talk at all and I just felt super crappy, so I dragged myself to the doctor.  It's an upper respiratory infection and laryngitis...perfect for someone who has three choir things scheduled during the week.  I couldn't sing anything above the tenor line at Monday night's rehearsal, and today I just couldn't sing anything at all.  That's the weirdest thing want to sing the song in the car and have nothing come out.  Weird...and frustrating. 

So, the doctor gave me a prescription today for antibiotics and then he asked me if I wanted a steroid shot to accelerate the process.  Acceleration is a good thing, and I'm not actually very patient, so I was dumb and said yes.  Have you ever had a steroid shot??!!  Holy cow, that was the most awful thing I've done since all those epidurals with my babies.  Sheesh!  A giant double sized needle that was about 18" long that had to be injected s l o w l y into the side of my right into the muscle. makes me want to pass out just thinking about it again.  

I just had the funniest vision of me as a 65 year old blogger writing every detail about whatever illness or doctor visit or prescription medication I happen to be thinking about that day...Oh, I hope I don't turn into that...

Anyway, my day was not quite the peaceful one I hoped for and 10 hours later, I still don't feel any better, and it still feels like there's a hamster lodged in my throat, and I still can't sing, and a few more parts of me ache tonight after that dumb shot.  Dang it...I really, really wanted to write a post called Steroid Shots and rave about the blessings of modern medicine and miraculous instant recoveries...maybe tomorrow I'll write that post.  

But here are some good things about the day:

  • When you can't speak above a whisper, your kids also lower their voices and come closer to hear what you're saying.  It's awesome.  I might just whisper all of my lectures to them from now on.  And maybe I'll just whisper through Gospel Doctrine this Sunday, too, which will force everyone to come to the front of that cavernous chapel.  
  • I sound like Kathleen Turner.  You know that deep, sexy, raspy sounding voice?  I've always wanted to sound like that.  
  • The doctor at the Instacare today didn't believe I was 45.  That's always a nice thing.  He asked me if I had kids at home and told me not to snuggle with babies or carry them around today because I'm still contagious.  He said he had to check the age on my chart when I told him there were no babies in my house, just teenagers.  He said he would have guessed 30s with toddler-aged kids at best.  So, apparently even when I feel like poop, I can still pull off 30ish.  Yay.
  • I made a list today of all the songs I wanted to sing but couldn't.  I'll just save them for next week.  :)

Tomorrow there's not much on my planner either.  I probably don't need to infect the whole temple, so I think I'll postpone that trip and color another whole square bright yellow and just sit around in jammies all day.  

OK, I'm going to bed now because that will make tomorrow just get here faster...and also I can't even keep my eyes open.  



  1. I just love you!
    Even in the middle of a yucky sickness you still have that amazing, chipper attitude!
    I pray and hope you feel better soon...but as my mom says, "Listen to your body!"
    Don't jump right back in ...take a few days for your body to catch up.
    I'm so bossy, aren't I?!?!
    I hope you like tea...if you do have the kids get you some Lipton Lemon Ginger...
    Anyway...hugs. From ( really) far away!!!!! ; )

  2. I really hope you are feeling better soon!