Thursday, February 11, 2016

Better Days

Great things about today:

  • I did NOTHING.  Well, I did a lot, but I didn't have to change out of jammies to do it.  Any day that involves no driving between the hours of 8-3 is a great day, in my opinion.
  • All the laundry is done which is always a nice thing to have finished before Craig gets home so he can just restock his luggage for his return trip on Monday.  
  • I disinfected all the sheets and pillows so that Craig doesn't come home and catch what I've had all week.  
  • I found a cute little bird nest outside in one of our trees this morning.  Spring has come early here.  Hopefully it will last long enough to sustain little eggs while they turn into baby birds.  Sometimes Texas winter weather is sneaky.  
  • The sweetest little bird (of a completely different variety) reminded me last night that I need to watch the Grammy's on Monday night because the remaining Eagles are performing a tribute to Glenn Frey.  Awards shows don't usually fly in my radar, so I totally would have missed that.  
  • At 1:00 this afternoon, when I could no longer procrastinate my shower, I decided to color my hair.  I always get the same brand, but I can never remember what color I use.  It's either Dark Brown or Medium Brown, so I just sort of take a chance every time.  Apparently I used Medium Brown last time because now I have this distinct difference in color from the top where I got rid of all that grey with the box of DARK BROWN I used, and the bottom that doesn't need to be colored.  Like it's noticeably darker!  But the great thing about surrounding yourself with style conscious teenagers is that they always notice everything and they're always brutally honest.  I picked up Emma after school and the FIRST thing she said was, "Whoa! Did you get your hair ombre'd?"  Um...I don't even know what that means, so no.   And then she made me pull into the sun and stop the car so she could see it better, and said, "What did you do to it?  It's so cool!"  Story of my life...accidentally and obliviously cool.  
  • 24 hours of antibiotics combined with a ridiculously painful steroid shot works wonders. I feel so much better today.  No headache.  No aches anywhere else.  I barely coughed at all today.  And my throat no longer feels like it's lined with prickly hamster fur.  Hallelujah.  I still sound like Jessica Rabbit and I can't sing a darn thing, but the feeling better part made a huge difference today.  
I'm grateful today for spring, for birds (of all varieties,) for drugs that work, and for DMCO tonight that I'm going to sit through even though I can't sing because there is no place else I would rather be on a Thursday night.  

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