Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mid-Week Wandering

I realized this morning that I had absolutely nothing on my calendar.  Megan was staying late after school so that gave me an additional hour in the middle of a gorgeous February day.  And whenever I'm faced with that sort of serendipitous circumstance, I grab my camera, jump in the car, turn on the playlist, and wander.

I did more wandering than finding on this trip, but there were a couple of great treasures nonetheless.  I've seen this abandoned house before on this road, but it's always been too busy to stop and take a picture of it.  Today, it wasn't busy at all.  

And then there was a small herd of cows in a pretty bleak-looking pasture.  Everything is still so grey-green here, and even though the sky is blue and the sun is out, I think the grass and leaves are cautious about bursting forth.  It is still only February after all.  The pasture shots I took of these cows weren't at all spectacular.  But there was one little cute calf that wandered close enough to the fence that I could see every detail of his little face.  If at any point in my life, I might have wanted to hug a cow, this was definitely it.  And I think the feeling may have been mutual.  There were a couple of heartfelt moos exchanged in the minutes I spent shooting his picture.  

I am always alarmed at the things that are beautiful in an ordinary day.  But, I have hunted enough now to know that there is always, always something spectacular and inspiring to find in every single day.  Sometimes it can't be photographed.  Today I was lucky enough to stumble upon these two awesome moments.  There is not a single day of this life that I am not immensely grateful for the opportunity I have to steal a few hours in the middle of a day and take pictures.  

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