Friday, February 13, 2015

High Five for Friday

It's been a nice, uneventful, uncomplicated week around here.  

1.  Lots of Sunny Days
...and that means capris and cute flats in February!

2.  Dessert
It's always so nice to have unhurried Sunday dinners with Craig home from traveling and no plans after church.  Unscheduled Sundays always equal dessert.  

3.  Homecoming

Another Elder Thunell has completed a successful, honorable mission...this one in California.  How happy we are that he is home and prepared to start the rest of his life.  Savannah is thrilled that he will be joining her at BYU in the spring.  Welcome home, Jed!

4.  Valentine's Day
The decorating this year was more understated than it has been in previous years.  There are only a handful of pink and red heart-shaped things sprinkled around the house, but it's just enough to bring back a little of the color that has been missing since Christmas.  I love February.  

5.  Haircuts
What better way to greet sunny, pre-spring days than with a sassy new haircut?  I love that Emma wanted to make such a big change.  This cut is adorable on her!

I thoroughly enjoyed a week of fewer obligations, no drama or heartbreak, and plenty of time to drive around and look for beautiful things to take pictures of.  Hope it's sunny where you are, and that you have a long weekend to look forward to as well.  

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  1. So great that your missionary returned! What joy! We are looking forward to that day in about 20 more months! Have a great week.