Monday, February 9, 2015

College Life

Here's an update via iPhone of Savannah's life at BYU.  She's only been there for 6 weeks, but she's so completely immersed in everything that you'd never know she hadn't lived in Provo forever.

This is her dorm...
And this is her dorm room...she shares this space with five other girls, and they share three bedrooms, two bathrooms and one kitchen.  

Here's her actual roommate...

Aren't they so cute.  Yes, they have matching stuff.  No, they didn't buy it.  They just came that way.  They are so alike it's a little scary.  And they absolutely adore each other.

And these are some of her friends...

...the top two pictures are friends from home.  The bottom two are new friends.  Yep, we're noticing a lot of boy pictures.  That one on the bottom is a double date she went on with her roommate this weekend.  They went to a men's volleyball game, then to a place that turns pie into shakes, and ended the night disco roller skating...only in Provo.  

This is her playing around in the BioTech lab with her friend Bethany (who is actually a BioTech major.)  Bethany asked the professor if Savannah could come into the lab, and he said, "Sure, just tell her not to eat anything!"  (ew...)

She's been getting up to Alpine and SLC to see family often, too, which we love.  She has become an expert at riding the train and navigating to various stops in the SLC area.  Tomorrow she's meeting the whole family at the airport to welcome home her missionary cousin after his two years in California.  

Can you tell she's having so much fun?  She has come to love her ward and her dorm friends (who are also in her ward.)  She auditioned for an a capella choir and made it.  Oh, and yes, she's working really hard in school, too.  I hear complaints about her statistics class a lot, but other than that, she's loving all of her classes.  Apparently college life agrees with this girl.  

She's coming home for a week between Winter and Spring sessions, and I can hardly wait.  I text her everyday, and talk to her a couple of times a week, and she FaceTime's us on Sundays, but it's just not the same as having her here.  How comforting to know, though, that she's surrounded by amazing opportunities, in a safe place, with awesome people.  We're so proud of her for working so hard and we are so grateful for the way this has all came together so beautifully.  Life is surprisingly amazing, isn't it?

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  1. Oh!!!
    She looks so happy!!!!
    What a wonderful place...
    The next best thing to home. : )
    I know how much you miss that beautful face, my friend.