Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Pine Tree

When we lived in Mendon, our little yellow house came with a giant 100 year old pine tree in the front yard.  
I loved that tree so much.
I loved that it was our primary source of shade in the summer and that it covered a good chunk of the sidewalk which meant less shoveling in the winter.  
I loved the way it looked covered in frosty snow.  I always thought it would have looked so beautiful decorated with little white Christmas lights, if only we could have figured out how to get them up there.  
I loved that it was too big to fit in any photographs.  I loved that it was a landmark on Main Street.  I loved that everyone knew it.  And I loved that it had been there even longer than our house.  The things that tree knew about Mendon...  
My mother-in-law called us to let us know that the current owners of that little yellow house have removed the pine tree.  I'm sure it was infested with bugs.  I'm sure it was a huge hazard in stormy weather.  I'm sure it's massive root system had become problematic and invasive to the plumbing, the sprinkler system, and the sidewalk.  

But I can't tell you how sad I was to hear that that giant beautiful landmark tree will not be in Mendon when we get there this summer.  That house doesn't even belong to us anymore.  We have a more abundant life here than we ever did in Mendon.  But that house and that giant tree provided stability and security and a safe place to land during those tumultuous years in Utah.  I am heartbroken that it's gone.  It's a tree, I know.  But I hope it knows how much love and respect we had for it.  100 years is a long time to protect and guard a little house filled with many, many treasured memories.    

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