Friday, May 16, 2014

Perot Museum

The entire 5th grade at McKay's school visited the Perot Museum of Nature and Science today.  It's been awhile since I've been on a field trip with him, and I've never been to the Perot Museum, so this was the perfect opportunity to fit in both.   
I remember watching this building when it was under construction a couple of years ago, thinking it was the oddest thing I had ever seen.  That glass protrusion on the side of the building, we found out today, is an escalator.
"...designed for visitors who enjoy heights and aerial views..."  Yep, that sounds just like something I would enjoy.  No wonder McKay thought this would be the perfect thing to do!

The escalator ride was pretty manageable actually, and I didn't even mind looking out the window, until McKay dragged me over to this one and dared me to lean right up against it and look straight down...eek!  Amazing, but scary.  The boys loved it!

They also loved all the exhibits.  This museum is vast!  We could have easily spent another couple of hours taking more time with some of their favorites.  The remote control vehicles were, by far, McKay's favorite. He got to build one, connect it to the power source, and then try it out on several different tracks.  If the other boys hadn't been anxious to move on, I think McKay would have been content to stay there the entire day.

We fit as much as we could into the brief time we had in the museum.  We will definitely have to visit this place again over the summer.  

Hanging out with a bunch of fifth graders at a science museum is a pretty great way to spend a spring day.  


  1. I'm SO excited to see this because just this morning, I added it to our summer bucket list. We are doing a stay-cation this summer. I know the kiddos will enjoy this place!

    1. Oh, they'll love it! My girls were so excited about all the things McKay told them, that they wanted to add it to our Summer List, too. Maybe we'll run into your cute family. :)