Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Today, I officially have two teenagers in my house.  Spell Girl is 13!!
I don't know why it's so hard to believe that these kids keep getting older...and smarter...and more amazing.  Everyday they're more like adults and less like little kids.

Spell Girl has changed so much this year.  She's still quirky and goofy and brilliant, but she's more interested in people than fantasy books these days.  She worries about the choices her friends are making.  She's a member of the Environmental Club.  Instead of wanting to be a dolphin trainer, she now wants to be a teacher or a librarian because she thinks that will make a bigger impact.  Incredible...

These are a few of my favorite Spell Girl pictures... 
October 25, 1998...TCD was SO excited to be a big sister.  She didn't leave that baby alone from the second we came home from the hospital.  

TCD's first day of preschool.  Spell Girl had that red binkie in her mouth, but one of the great things about having a big sister is that there's always someone to yank the binkie out right before the picture. 

In September 2000, we drove from Seattle to Utah to bless Baby June at the Gr's house.  It was almost TCD's 4th birthday and about a month away from Spell Girl's 2nd birthday, so we celebrated both.  They each asked for princess costumes that year.  This Tinker Bell costume got A LOT of use!!

 This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE picture of Spell Girl.  Totally spontaneous and totally her.

I'm so grateful that we have Spell Girl in our home.  Her naturally nurturing personality makes everyone instantly feel safe and comfortable wherever she is.  She is quiet and gentle and helps all of us to remember that people are more important than STUFF.  I love that we've had her for 13 whole years!


  1. Happy Birthday! I remember seeing most of those pictures before, so very cute!

  2. Happy Birthday Spell Girl!!! Love you lots.