Monday, October 24, 2011


This week, driving to school, Spell Girl said, "Mommy, I've really changed a lot since we moved to Texas."  We talked about how change is sort of a natural thing at this age and probably would've happened even if we still lived in Mendon.  (OK I talked.  She listened.)  

But she's right.  She's changed a lot.  She has more confidence and she's much more adventurous than she used to be.  This year, she changed instruments in Orchestra.  She joined the Environmental Club (which she now lovingly refers to as "her tribe")  She's in the Beehive Presidency.  And just this morning, she joined the Cross Country team at school.  Amazing...  

She's been asking all year to take fencing lessons.  A few months ago, we found a Groupon for half off a group lesson at the Dallas Fencers Club.  So we bought it with the intention of surprising her for her birthday.  Technically this is an "off year" for her.  We do "friend parties" on even years and quieter, family things on odd years.  But we let her invite a friend to this one and we took them both to dinner and then to their fencing adventure.  

I'm pretty sure they loved it, but we couldn't get them to stop talking long enough to ask them.  :)

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