Monday, June 13, 2016

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Liebe Familie und Freunde,

Oh boy what a week it has been! 

Last Monday we did the traditional hike up Schlossberg, my favorite little mountain, and then we had an awesome FHE lesson with a few of our new investigators!  

Tuesday we had an awesome district meeting, NAVAJO TACOS for lunch (I've been in a Navajo taco famine lately), and then the Bruck Elders helped us lug all of our worldly possessions up five flights of twisty stairs to our new apartment! We are finally all moved in! This apartment is the cutest thing ever, like the DREAM European apartment!! Why have we been living in a creepy, moth-filled apartment this whole time while the elders were living in paradise up there?! 

Wednesday we did some visa stuff for Sister Brinkerhoff, organized a little bit more, and had an awesome appointment with Schwester Mielacher! She's a member in our ward, and she's super cute! As we were leaving her house, an hour or so later, we looked outside and noticed that it was POURING rain. We're talking gallons of cats and dogs here. And we looked at each other and realized we didn't have an umbrella or jackets, because it had been such a hot and sunny day until then! Fortunately Schwester Mielacher let us borrow one of her umbrellas, but as we started the loongggg trek back to the bus station we quickly realized that 1. the umbrella had holes in it, 2. it was too windy to hold it steady, and 3. it was raining sideways so we were getting soaking wet anyway! So, down it went with the umbrella!! As we were strolling along enjoying our free shower, I remembered a Mormon Message that I've just recently watched called, "A Shower of Heavenly Blessings." In it, President Uchtdorf talks about how we need to get rid of the umbrellas in our lives—sin, fear, doubt, sadness—and allow Heavenly Father to more fully pour His blessings upon us! So, this week I challenge all of you to enjoy the rain a little more in your lives!!

Thursday we were on a train all day long on the way to MLC in Munich! AND A MIRACLE HAPPENED!  Man, I really love miracles so much. Heavenly Father is so generous to His missionaries with the tender mercies! We were just sitting on the train and all of a sudden I notice that this guy sitting close to us is like staring at me and smiling a big cheesy grin! So I was like "come sit by us!" and he did, and we got talking, and apparently he LOVES the Mormon Tabernacle Choir! And he's never talked to missionaries before, or anyone that's Mormon, but he reads on every day (that's how he recognized our name tags) and watches "Music and the Spoken Word" every Sunday, and he watched the last General Conference, he has read almost all of 1 Nephi in the Book of Mormon in both English and German, he read the entire "Prepare Yourself" 72-hour kit handbook, and he has 5 different LDS apps on his tablet! We had a nice long conversation for about an hour and a half before he had to get off the train, and by the end he told me he was gonna come visit me in Texas someday haha (only problem is that now I live in Alabama...). We exchanged phone numbers and he said he was so excited to come to church someday soon!  Heavenly Father is so aware of ALL of His children! He knows who is prepared, and somehow He always seems to help us cross paths with them :) it was so awesome. MLC in Munich was awesome too! I got to see Sister Fast again!!! Best friends reunited :) it was a great spiritually uplifting weekend, and a lot of trying to cram all this missionary stuff into my brain to help these sisters in my Zone!

We had a few investigators come to church on Sunday, and that made me so happy! After church we went to the Kinghorn's for dinner, because they usually feed us if we don't have an appointment!  It's so kind of them :) and Sunday was Father's Day here in Austria!! Confusing because I'm pretty sure next Sunday is Father's Day in America, but that just means I get to celebrate it twice!! I'm soooo grateful for fathers. Especially for my own! Love you, Daddy :) 

Today for pday we hiked a replica of Calvary Hill, and then at the top Sister Brinkerhoff and I decided to sing "Upon the Cross of Calvary." It was actually a pretty cool spiritual moment for us both!  Pday activities can be spiritual!! :) 

Well, that is my week, and I love you all and thanks for everything and all the letters and packages! I'm sending letters back soon, don't worry! :)  Alles Güte! (all the best!)
Liebe Grüße,Sister Thunell


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